The Arkansas RRCA works to promote running and fitness as means to a healthy lifestyle statewide. We strive to meet this goal by helping to develop a network of strong local running clubs all across our state.

The Conway Running Club is one of these. If you are new to racing or running, entering a race can be very intimidating. However, once you do one or two you will be hooked. Once you learn that this sport is a sport of personal challenge and not necessarily winning or losing the race, you’ll be free to enjoy the race. If you are a seasoned runner you’ll find great competition throughout the state and in the Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix offers a wide variety of races varying from 2 miles to a marathon and 5k, 10, 15k and half marathons in between. They are held throughout the state and are a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

To join the Conway Running Club team you must be a member of the Conway Running Club. Once you are a member, there is a $15 fee to join the Grand Prix. You’ll be glad you did and we’ll enjoy having you on our team.

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